Viden om: 13 ting du ikke må sige til en casting? eller hvad?

13 ting du ikke må sige til en casting? eller hvad?

Deadline inden d. 1. januar 2022

13 ting du ikke må sige til en casting? eller hvad?

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all put our foot in our mouth at least a few times but somehow, in the
casting room, actors do it more often than they or we would like.
Nerves, insecurity, neediness, and self-doubt set in and there’s no
stopping you. You say things you’re not aware of, feeding the
narcissism, looking for connection and reassurance, but sometimes those
few little words can bring your audition to a screeching halt. So, here
are some things you don’t want to say in an audition, no matter what
impulse arises:

1. “I just got this last night.” No excuse.
Everyone else likely got it last night and someone is making it work. Do
your work as best as you can in the time you have. If you have to, work
on it till 2 a.m. Alternatively, do the work that’s necessary so you
get a good night’s sleep. You don’t need days to prepare.

“Should I sit or stand?” You decide. You need to walk into the room
confident, ready to go, putting us at ease. If we want you to do
something else, we’ll ask.

3. “I’m going to enter, sit, then
stand on this line, then exit…” Keep it physically simple. Blocking will
happen on the day. In this abstracted and often confined space, make it
about the relationship you have with the other person or people in the
scene—the reader. What you’re doing actively, not physically, is what

4. “Where are the producers?” Not here. We’re here, and
we’re here to collaborate with you. Producers will view your best work
if you bring it. Enjoy the intimacy of the relationship with whatever
casting directors or associates are in the room. They are your audience
and your advocates.

5. “Is there something everyone’s doing wrong that I should know. What mistakes are everyone else making?” Really?

“Let me do it once and then you can tell me what you want.” So we
assume you have no point of view and can’t decide for yourself. Is that
what you want us to know about you?

7. “If I suck just tell me and I’ll do it again.” This is setting yourself up to suck and for us to expect you to do just that.

“Wow, that was good to get one out of the way. Now can we do it for
real?” Therefore, we sit here while you get one out of the way? How does
that serve anyone? Don’t wait to get into the room to say it out loud,
or do it for the first time with someone. Make sure you do your scene
with someone else. Even your dog. Engage. It cannot live in your head or
as you talk to the air in your shower or your car. Make your choices,
feel what it’s like to engage with someone, know what you’re feeling,
have a point of view, and then come into the room to explore.

9. “I just said that out loud for the first time.” Why? See above.

“So many words.” What a gift! Find ways to learn your lines; it’s part
of your craft. Different methods work but they all require commitment,
certainty, and connection to what you’re actually talking about. Nobody
didn’t get a job because they got every line right, but you have to
decide you know it, and be fully engaged. The words will come.

11. “How do you pronounce_____?” (a word you can easily look up) Seriously, look it up.

You don’t actually say anything, but when you finish the scene you make
a face like you’ve just smelled feces. Are you waiting for us to take
care of you? We can’t. We don’t have the time. Nor is it our job, as
much as we often suffer from being enablers. Do the work for the work,
for you, but not so that we will tell you that you did it right.

13.“Well that sucked.” And we’re done.

don’t want to sound harsh. But we need you to walk into the room ready
to work, with conviction and sureness, happy to be there. Then we can do
our work together. Then we can create something that is in service of
the script. Then we can take your unique interpretation to the next
level. Help us do that!

Mvh Tommy Duus

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