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Forestillingsannonce: Crazy Christmas is back - and its crazier than ever !

Deadline inden d. 5. januar 2019

Crazy Christmas is back - and its crazier than ever!

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The London Toast Theatre takes you around the world on a roller-coaster ride with the phenomenal Phileas Fogg and his formidable aunt, Lady Wilhemina Wobblebottom.

Staking his entire fortune on a bet, Fogg's bold "brexit" takes him from disunited Europe to inscrutable Asia, over enticing India and, to "trump" it all, across star-spangled America and the wild west.

Vivienne McKee turns Jules Verne's classic adventure into a "rundtosset" race against time. Full of songs, silly gags, slapstick and satire, the talented cast of six actors play dozens of characters in this popular show, which, after 35 years, is a unique and side-splittingly funny comedy experience.

Don't miss the Crazy Christmas Show - the only crazy way to enjoy Christmas!
Box office opens April 16th

Playing in Glassalen, Tivoli

Nov 13th 2018 - Jan 5th 2019
and of course we will be swingin' by Aarhus
- again at Hermans, Tivoli Friheden
Jan 9th - 12th 2019

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