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Lennart B.

  • Alder 58 år
  • By Farsta
  • Stilling Skådespelare / Actor, VO, Narrator
  • Øjenfarve Melerde
  • Hårfarve Brun
  • Højde 181 cm
  • Vægt 100 kg
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  • Opdateret d. 20. august 2019
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I was born in Stockholm, Sweden and when little I played the role of Daddy Bear in Goldie Lock, but it wasn't until later years that the acting really got a hold of me. I am autodidact and prefers the teachings of the classical Masters such as Konstantin Stanislavskij, Michael Chekhov and Keith Johnstone. I have Swedish as my native tongue and speaks AE fluently. Bonus: My very first commercial (1995) was in German, so I can also take lines in German.

I am being equally casted as the "homey" dad, boss and white-collar worker, as the amicable psychopath that goes haywire. One reviewer has described my acting as "delightfully intense".
I am equally comfortable on stage as in front of the camera, but by chance most of my roles have been on TV and film.


UPPSALAKIDNAPPNINGEN (feature); Role: Prosecutor, Anders Skog Films AB (dir/script: Anders Skog) (2018)

SYSTERKODEN (Web-series, 8x 10min); Role: Peter, RAUFILM. (dir: Kave Raufi) (2018)

AGENTERNA (TV-series) , S02E05; Role: Kristian Malm, Baluba AB (dir: Lina Åström) (2018)

On Human Terms (e-Learning); Role: Sales Manager Claus, CleverLearning Sweden AB (2017)

Konflikthantering / Conflict Management (e-learning); Role: Mikael Alvström, Ledarna!/Intermezzon AB (2017)

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (feature); Role: Wennerström's Lawyer. GWDT Productions. (dir: David Fincher) (2010)


ISBRYTARNA / THE ICE BREAKERS - Role: Julian Pollock, Scen Demon. (dir & script: Alexander Charlamov) (2018-19)

Kompromisser - En Kropp Två Röster; Role: Kroppen, Monologteatern. (dir & script: Gabriel Liljenström) (2016)
(Compromises - One Body Two Voices)

Hantverkarna / The Handy Men - Role: Karl, FolkKulturCentrum (dir: Annabell Rice; script: Line Knutzon) (2014)

Romeo & Juliet - Role: Montague, Fjäderholmsteatern. (script: W. Shakespeare; dir: Kenneth Nygård) (2013)